Today,we are talking about some wedding theme ideas .Food will be served from trucks ,weddings are frequently returning to the beautiful nature,these are what the year 2021 will share. Based on plenty of research over the past few months, we’ve rounded up the list 7 vogue wedding theme ideas for the coming year. Some are really stunning. Some are really thrilling. Are any of them will be are your wedding? Check out and get inspired.



We’ll see more lush wedding decorations in 2021 which is gradually becoming a new trend of wedding theme.


No doubt that vintage is one of the most popular wedding themes all the time. Trying  sequins colors for your decoration and bridesmaid dresses will rock your big day.


7 Vogue Wedding Theme Ideas For 2021


If you wanna have a more casual event, boho themed wedding will be a great choice. Flowers and tassels can effortlessly express your personal style.

7 Vogue Wedding Theme Ideas For 2021

Twilight Forest

When we say returning to nature, we’ll also see these stunning wedding venues with ceremony at twilight. It is so particular that makes your wedding distinguishing.

7 Vogue Wedding Theme Ideas For 2021


The designer adds that it’s “a preview of the future of Off-White bridal,” as he plans to take on a number of clients a year to create bespoke, personal dresses.

7 Vogue Wedding Theme Ideas For 2021

Pastel Colors

We’ll see more pastel colors used in wedding events as well.

7 Vogue Wedding Theme Ideas For 2021

Garden Wedding
The natural elegance of a garden wedding paired with a modern, glamorous style make a wedding absolutely breathtaking.

7 Vogue Wedding Theme Ideas For 2021
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