Mira Zwillinger is a luxury brand led by mother-daughter fashion designers Mira and Lihi Zwillinger.As one of tel aviv's leading fashion brands, the brand has a mature perspective with a focus on crafting bespoke gowns.Each Mira Zwillinger wedding dress tells a timeless story of romance, with dizzying detail, elaborate silhouettes and sex appeal.Their bridal gowns are made of the most luxurious fabrics and multi-dimensional textiles, each with depth but no weight -- even hand-embroidered, feathered, beaded or applique Mira Zwillinger gowns don't weigh you down.

Mira Zwillinger’s approach is a celebration of elegance, timeless glamour and supreme craftsmanship. Here I’m sharing this gorgeous “Stardust” collection, inspired by the ideas of fantasy and fairytale. Most girls had a dream of princess when they’re young, and these beautiful wedding dresses will just take us back to the old times, being the princess of your precious only one.For More information, please visit Mira Zwillinger


Fabulous Mira Zwillinger Wedding Dresses - 2021 Fall Collection