A teal blue wedding theme is extremely bold and daring. just like the lovely peacock, this wedding theme is roofed in rich hues of deep greens, teals, blues and purples. Done the incorrect way, it can look really tacky. However if done correctly, it’s both luxurious and fashionable. Between its many meanings and delightful display of colors , it’s no wonder that a teal blue wedding theme is quickly gaining popularity Set the Scene together with your teal blue wedding invitations: Invitations can feature any of the brilliant jewel tones that teal blue are so famous for: dark greens, rustic colors or purplish blue, purple and gold

Navy, Copper and Teal

Black, Gold and Teal

Teal blue, burgundy and Greenery

Slate Teal in Peach and Pink

Royal purple, plum, teal, turquoise

Burgundy, dark teal blue, and moody jewel tones

Teal and Rust earthy tones

Mint, teal, light blue and ivory

Teal blue, taupe and Mauve

White, ivory, Teal Blue, Emerald and Mixed Green