White is a simple, clean, crisp color.It is available in a variety of colors and can be widely used in any type of weddings.Ecru is a term commonly used to describe ivory or beige paper by advanced stationery printers.If you want to know whether a white wedding invitation or an ecru wedding invitation is more suitable for your wedding style, we can help you to figure it out.
White is often regarded as a stark white.It is the color of a traditional wedding gown, or snowflakes in winter wedding or other objects.It has a stunningly bright quality.However, Ecru has a delicate touch of creamy color.
If you’re planning to spice up your classic wedding style, bright white would be the first recommendation. However, if you’re more interested in simple elegance, ecru is a better option. Here is a tip to decide the better color  for your wedding invitation: look at your favorite invitation design in both colors and see which color draws your attention and doesn’t let go. It really all comes down to personal taste. You can easily find the color that is more appealing to you, go with that one!Anyway, you can’t go wrong because both colors are gorgeous!

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