Usually hunter green is overlooked as a wedding color, but when weddings use this shade of green as a theme, the effect can be so beautiful and dramatic!Hunter green is captures the beauty both a natural and glamorous look.It is a color close to emerald green, giving the luxurious gem tone appeal as well as remaining grounded in an earthy origin.

Hunter green glass is a way to add this color to your decor without making it a focal point.If you want to be bold, try green hydrangea and hunter green for the rest of the wedding.Hunter green can also be found in a variety of antique items, from typewriters to bicycles, which are great for vintage weddings.

Shades of Hunter Green


Elegant Hunter Green Wedding Seriously Stunning Hunter Green & Gold Wedding Inspiration

Hunter Green and Dusty Rose

hunter green and dusty rose pink wedding color ideas

Hunter Green Wedding Invitations

Hunter green is your wedding color and you’re all in!It is a better option to use this gorgeous color to maximize everything from wedding invitations to cakes.Hunter green laser cut invitation is an amazing example.

Hunter green laser cut invitation


Hunter Emerald Green and Gold Wedding Color Ideas You'll Love

Natural Elegance

Using hunter green as a wedding style, not just a color, means finding ways to incorporate this hue into your wedding decorations.Of course, an outdoor venue is a good place to start, and a lot of greenery on a bridal bouquet or reception table is a great way to extend its natural beauty.

Hunter Green Outdoor Natural Wedding and Matching Wedding Invitations

Hunter Green and Burnt Orange

Warm earth tones and Hunter Green wedding color palette


Hunter Green and Jewel Tone


Hunter Green and Navy Blue

hunter green navy blue wedding decoration ideas