The best way to remember your loved ones who traveled from near and far to attend your wedding is through a  guest book. It doesn’t have to be your classic bound book if it’s not your style (although, we certainly love those too!). Whether you want candid polaroid shots of your guests as they arrive at the reception or a fun twist on your weekly game night tradition, there are so many options for collecting well wishes from your guests in a way that feels authentic to you and your partner. 

if you’re seeking for particular elements to hit your big day , how could you miss the guest books? A guest book is a great way to memorize the people who you shared the joy and happiness with on your big day. Here you will find creative guests notes pretty much everywhere from paper to wood, from stone to trees, from leaves to photo albums etc. Check out and catch some inspirations! 

10 Creative and Useful Ideas for Guest books at a Wedding