The proposed time is filled with endless excitement and happiness for all brides and it’s a moment that will be memorized forever in your life. Once you’ve decided your date and venue,you can’t help to announce to all your friends and family that your big day is coming. Save The Date card is one of the first impressions with any wedding. This invitation officially informs your friends and families of your wedding date and let them know they are sincerely invited. If you are searching the Save the Date cards to match your tone, then you may get some ideas and inspirations from this post. Read on it.


1. Laser cut save the date cards

Laser cut design is a favorable trend in wedding stationery. Whether simple or complicated, laser cutting is sure to wow your quests with the special shapes and details you can only achieve in this way.

2. Glitter save the date cards

This kind of paper is the perfect choice for the bride looking for the cards in a bit of pizzazz. Your pretty picture and all the details give your quests a stunning first impression about your big day with this glamorous piece of card!

3. Foil save the date cards

 Wording or designs that are printed in foil make for a shiny touch that isn’t over the top.  There are  a wide variety of foil colors we’ve offered.But gold and silver are always a preference.

4. Photo save the date cards

Choosing the right photo is the most important for sure when it comes to photo save the date cards. Photo style gives your guests a small touch of your relationship. It is sure significant. Maybe it’s a picture of a romantic hug and kiss, traveling, or just hanging out…the right picture sets the right tone and your guests will love to see your beautiful faces and share your happiness!

5. Watercolor floral save the date cards

Watercolors are an incredibly delicate and subtle way to bring designs to life. This water floral is a great way to announce your big day.

6. Calendar save the Dates

It is one of the most direct ways to express your guests that your big day is coming. While adding some other elements,like a highlighted heart or a laser cut design, it will be  the perfect visual for your guests to really know the date and mark their official calendar.

7. Black and white save the dates

This card will be a classic in black and white !  This combo works for elegant, bold, modern, or rustic wedding tones. 

8. Funny save the date cards

Your pictures have a lot to do with making a save the date funny because it reflects your personality more than any wording can do.  Using cute signs or props in your photos really make your save the date card funny and impressive. 

9. A bookmark Save-the-Date

If you are looking for a simple save the date card, this is a good choice for you.  And a big perk of this idea is that it serves as a gift for your guests to use on their favorite book.

10.A unique finger print Save-the-Date

It’s simple but very meaningfully, and your guests will feel your love and keep your big day in mind.

11. An “I do” Save-the-Date

It is  perfect if you put the picture of your proposal on it so they can share in the moment when it happened!