Are you two big fans of Star War?Why not have a the Star Wars theme wedding!This legend is an eternal and endless source of inspiration for many parties and weddings every year, so take a look.Wearing a cavalry mask, you and your guests, or the jedi costume, or yoda bundner,any of them can be your wedding choice!It's easy and fun to incorporate this theme into your wedding decor: death star cakes and cupcakes, R2D2 cake toppers, cavalry mounts, lightsaber candlesticks, and cavalry masks as centerpieces -- that's just one part of a long list of ideas!

Couple organizes incredible 'Star Wars' themed wedding

Choosing Star Wars as your wedding theme is a bit nerdy, but you might like the idea, which means you're willing to do something really cool and totally unconventional.We're all for it!Yes, we are doing our best to help you have a wonderful star war wedding now!For big fans,we gathered together some great ideas for planning a perfect star war wedding.

However, whatever you do to decorate your wedding, make sure you’ll send out star war wedding invitations.For example,the stargazer wedding invitation would perfectly fit your theme, while retaining the beautiful wedding invitation.

 incredible 'Star Wars' themed wedding invitations