The place where the beatific couples  exchange their wedding vows should be absolutely beautiful and eternal, just like the promise of their love.I can’t agree with that any more. What do you think of it?

Are there any good ideas for special wedding altars that represents the unity of the two? Knotting and lighting a unified candle are two of the most popular ideas, but there are many more, and even some deviating from tradition, which reminds you of the persistence of your love and your lifetime commitment to marriage. Here comes a good example.Before the ceremony begins, the couple should collect important souvenirs from their relationship: ticket stubs, hotel room keys, notes, cards, etc. In addition, they should write a love letter to each other. During the ceremony, all these letters of love are sealed in a box that the couple can open on their fifth, 10th, or 20th wedding anniversaries, putting near the altar witnessing your eternal love.


Of course, there are countless ways to decorate wedding altars, such as retro style, country country, romantic design, whether you marry in church, backyard or mountain area. It won't be wrong, and just go with your heart. The following are 20 wedding altars ideas that never cease to amaze us.Have a cup of coffee and get  some inspiration.