It takes lots of time to plan for your coming wedding. Since it is your big day,you deserve to have as much fun as any of your quests. To have that day go smoothly, brides are crazy for wedding planning tips that make everything under control. Here are 5 practical big day tip  to help pave the way to truly enjoying your wedding day. Check in and get inspired now!


  • A handy wedding day schedule timeline to keep your time well organized and safe in control. To keep your wedding from starting late you need make sure your hair and make-up team all are on time. Give each stage of that day 15-20 buffer, then you can be more well-prepared and have plenty of time to spare.
  •  Do pay attention to the importance of your maid of honor. She is the your right-hand woman throughout the  whole  process who will make sure things are running smoothly.
  • 3.Emergency kit for wedding-Let your maid of honor help to create an emergency kit like the back-up, make-up bag for touch ups .Make sure an “emergency kit” is filled with items you may need.
  • 4. Wedding day photo checklist- Brides have more time to spend with your guests at the reception than you .They can help to get all of the other photos you want in this way.
  • 5. The age old question of how to pee in a wedding dress. It sounds impossible without completely taking off your dress. Here is a few tips.
5 Must-Have Essentials to Make your Big Day Go Smoothly