7 Elegant and Popular Wedding Color Schemes for Your Inspiration - Clear Wedding Invites

Your wedding color should capture and evoke the emotions you want to express for your wedding.But that's not what you need to consider:what tone you want in your wedding .What color will suit your bridesmaids?What color looks good on you and your Mr.Right?Most importantly, the color you choose must match your wedding theme.Although the weddings are a predominantly white affair, it’s the accompanying colors that give shape to your theme and sets the mood for your event.

The most challenging thing about color selection is to pick out the colors that can give your wedding an incredible elegant and harmonizing look.The traditional black and white , and gold are forever classic, besides, some soft colors like pink, blush, grey and purple are also very popular in elegance themes weddings. To help you out,we’ve gathered 25 color palettes taken from some of the most inspiring elegant wedding colors.Scroll down and get some inspiration bellow.If possible, let us know what is your favorite.

1.Grey and White Greenery Wedding

Grey and White Greenery Wedding
Grey and White Greenery Wedding
  1. Red and Dark Grey

Red and Dark Grey wedding

  1. Blush and Grey

Blush and Grey wedding bridemaid dress

Blush and Grey wedding cake

  1. Plum Purple and White
  2. Beige and White
  3. Classic White Weddings
  4. Blush ,White and Olive

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