Just because you didn't make your wedding invitation from scratch doesn't mean you are not able to add your own DIY accent.Actually, it is encouraged.DIY wedding invitations can be an exhausting task.That is why adding your chosen DIY accent is a great way to show a little personality without spending a lot of time trying.

There are some ways you can use the white vintage wedding invitations to add DIY decorations to professionally printed invitations.We hope this will help inspire you to find new and creative ways to enhance the look of your own vintage wedding invitations.

  • Beautiful Display
  • All you need to achieve this look are peacock feathers and ribbon. We suggest choosing a ribbon color that matches one of the colors in the peacock feather for a truly coordinated look. Just lay the feather across the top of the invitation and tie the ribbon around the invite and feather ending with aFrench knoton the front.
plum peacock feather vintage wedding invitations
  • Lacy Love
  • Wide lace ribbon adds an incredibly pretty accent with romantic appeal. Choose any style of lace ribbon you like and simply tie it around the invitation and finish with a loose knot on the front.
Wide lace ribbon vintage wedding invitations
  • Playing with watercolors
  • Choose whatever color you like but be sure to dilute the paint well so you get just a subtle touch of color.