You’ve planned, pinned and daydreamed. You have an image of your wedding invitation swirling around in your head. It’s a timeless look with a modern twist that’s full of details that scream “now this is a wedding invitation”.

You want:

1.Pretty Presentation

Think layers

Think folds

Think everything tied with a bow (literally!)

Get Boutique Wedding Invitations Without Entering a Stationery Shop

2.Unique Printing

Think foil-stamping

Think thermography printing

Think letterpress

Get Boutique Wedding Invitations Without Entering a Stationery Shop

3.Details You Can Feel

Think embossing

Think laser-cutting

Think textures and trim

Get Boutique Wedding Invitations Without Entering a Stationery Shop

You might think that the only way to get an invitation that checks all those boxes is to make an appointment at a stationery shop. The problem is; you’re short on time. You don’t have hours to browse through albums full of wedding invitation samples and try to imagine what they might look like in your colors or fonts. And you definitely don’t have time to wait weeks for invitation proofs and even months for your actual invitations to arrive. Not to mention, even though you love the look of unique and detailed invitations, the thought of spending a good portion of your wedding budget on stationery kind of makes you cringe. We get it and we’re here for you! At Invitations by Dawn, we’ve created the most gorgeous wedding invitations on the web and we make it easy for you to browse, personalize and purchase the invitation of your dreams.

You get:

1.Boutique Style Collections. Including…

LASER-CUT WEDDING INVITATIONS. These intricate invitations feel like they’re straight out of a fairy tale.

VELLUM INVITATIONS. Every wedding needs a little sparkle. Our foil stamped invitations are often layered with additional processes, such as letter-pressing and ribbons, for a look that exudes luxury.

POCKET WEDDING INVITATIONS. This ultra-organized style fits every piece inside a perfect paper pocket. We even have pockets with real glitter details for couples that want a little sparkle.

RIBBON WEDDING INVITATIONS. There’s just something about a ribbon that makes an invitation feel complete.

THERMOGRAPHY PRINT INVITATIONS. This printing method results in a glossy raised-ink print. It might seem like a minor detail but trust us; it takes your invitation from plain and simple to wow, wow, wow!

LETTERPRESS INVITATIONS. One of the oldest and most timeless of all printing methods. Our letterpress invitations will win your heart with their elegance and simplicity.

2.Invitation Samples

Yes, we offer samples on every single one of our wedding invitations, starting at just 99¢ each. We’ll zip them off to you in a snap so you can see, feel and fall in love with your invitation before you commit to ordering it.

3.Expert Assistance

We’ve been in the wedding stationery business for over 40 years (yes, 40!), which has provided us with a wealth of knowledge. Although our online tools let you create your invitation yourself, we’re here for you if you need assistance or have questions along the way. Whether you need help finding an invitation that suits your style or need to know exactly how to word your wedding invitation, we’re just a call or chat away.

4.Quick Delivery

Waiting weeks and weeks to receive your invitations sounds like pure torture, don’t you think? We agree! That’s why we print and ship in your wedding invitations in days, not weeks.

Are you ready to find an invitation that’s as beautiful as your love story? Start by browsing our entire collection of WEDDING INVITATIONS and get ready to fall in love.

Get Boutique Wedding Invitations Without Entering a Stationery Shop