A wedding seating chart is usually simple and organized and it’s very easy for your guests to figure out where they are sitting with minimal searching to find their name.When the guests arrive at the banquet hall and look for their seat, if the seating table is in a mess and the decoration is not eye-catching, the guests may be agitated.Therefore, the first element of making seating table is to decorate it in an orderly and right way,which is also good for strengthening the whole atmosphere of your celebration party.Make your wedding perfect to all the details!

The wedding seat charts correspond to the seat card. Some weddings only have the seat table, so the guests can  find the corresponding table number according to the seat list. Some also have the corresponding seat cards, that is for the guests to pick their own seat cards and find the right table number. All you have to do is arrange the table number in a way that your guests can easily seek out their table and also be surprised by the personalized design of your seating charts.

 We have seen numerous seating charts- from a seating chart painted on a shabby chic door to the one drawn on a surfboard. Are you longing for nice ideas? We are here to help. Take a look at these creative ideas below.You’ll be inspired. Enjoy!