We've been talking about beautiful multicultural weddings lately.The world is becoming more and more integrated, with more and more couples across the country and around the world fusing customs and traditions in a mythical fusion wedding.At this point,you may have known our today’s topic.Yep,we wanna introduce one of the most beautiful multicultural weddings-east Indian wedding.

Indian-American fusion weddings are gettign common.According to Hindu beliefs, marriage is the second of the four stages of life and the stage at which life values are taught.Marriage is not just an agreement between two people, it is a lifelong commitment to each other, a sacrament for two people.

In an east Indian-themed wedding, you can see many bold, bright colors, exotic garlands and colorful flowers, and a lot of dancing and celebration!Thus,keep in mind to have the same-themed wedding invitations.Check out the following gorgeous wedding invitations and more East India wedding Ideas.