Examples of Best Man Speeches Dos and Don’ts | Clear Wedding Invites

For a great wedding speech, there are some simple rules you have to follow. Here are examples of best man speeches Dos and Don’ts.


Plan your speech ahead (think about your best man speech structure, choose formal or funny style) and practice.
Tell a short story (keep the speech to about 5 minutes or less) with jokes (2 or 3 will be enough).
Memorize your speech. Don’t read from paper. Let it flow.
Get sentimental at some point, make compliments to the bride.
Finish on an optimistic note (end your speech with love quotes or wishes for the happy couple).
Be thankful (express gratitude towards the couple, their family, and anyone who helped make the wedding happen).


Do not cross the 2-5 mins time limit.
Do not make it about you.
Avoid dirty jokes.
Do not ignore the bride. Let her know how happy you are, that she is ending up with your friend.
Avoid rude remarks. Keep your manners in check, even if it’s for a day.

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