In most weddings, bridesmaids are used to standing together wearing their dresses in the same color and style. 

However, more and more bridesmaids are not happy about that, why?

  • Not all the dresses suited all the various body types.
  • Seems like theres always a bigger girl whos tugging at her dress looking miserable and uncomfortable.
  • Everyone has their own flattering colors,and no one color will fit all.
  • According to research, peoples skin undertone is either cool, warm, or neutral. Of course, different skin undertone has to suit their own dress color. An unflattering hue can drown you out in the worst way. So, choosing the right dress color to suit bridesmaids undertone is important.
  • Bridesmaids often wear the dresses that the bride thought Thats the dress!


Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Color


Yes, it isnt wrong for a bride to have an image in her head of how she wants her wedding party to look. She often chose the dress with the color and style that can flatter her wedding.

But if bridesmaids wear the dresses that they dont like and even unfit them, they could feel uncomfortable at the wedding.

Honestly, though, the bride obviously will pick these people who are her best friends and want to have them enjoy her special day. Would the bride really want uncomfortable girls standing next to her, on the day she is most likely to freak out? And doesnt she want beautiful pictures off of all of her? So, mix and match bridesmaid dresses maybe could help them!


burnt orange color bridesmaids dresses


Here Are Some Ideas:

  • Choosing the same dress color in different styles.

Bride first chooses the fabric and color for the bridal party, then cooperates with bridesmaids to choose the dress styles that can fit them better.


  • And,could same dress style in different colors.

Several have pointed out, the variety of styles and colors is actually far prettier than bridesmaids in the same dress style and color. Dont be stubborn and close-minded, be open and I bet brides will be surprised at the beautiful result!

But be careful because different dress colors and styles might create a discordant visual effect at the wedding.


purple plum lavender color bridesmaids dresses 

Herere four tips for you to seek a uniformity for mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

1). Having a series of colors matching the wedding theme for them to choose from.

2). Using the same fabric.

3). Using the same accessory, like a belt, hat, flower and so on. It will be fun!

4). Considering the hemlines and length carefully. Like a long dress for the bridesmaid of honor, and short dresses for others.


In short, keep the bridesmaids wishes in mind, within a framework that will work with the bridal vision of what she wants the wedding to look like. I think theres a lot of flexibility out there to accomplish that. It will be the best day.