Planning a wedding includes a lot of work.In addition to the actual reception and ceremony, there are dresses, flowers, cakes, bridesmaids and so on.The list is so long, we're almost crushed.That's why your maid of honor is coming.Their job is to prepare the bachelorette party and most importantly the orientation party.
Are you thinking of a fun themed bridal shower to celebrate your special lady with good wishes?Sometimes selecting a theme is easy when you know the bride-to-be’s personality, and sometimes it is not that easy when you starting planning, like the decorations, foods and every single part of it. So to help your lovely bridesmaids, we've compiled the following bridal shower inspiration list. Go and check them out!
1. Rustic Themed Bridal Shower Ideas
Planning a bridal shower party at the backyard or garden with touches of rustic decorations will be one of the best choice for 2022.

2. Adding Some Glitters
Whether for a bridal shower party or the big day event, adding some sparkle is a big trend now.

3. Tea Party
Yes, as one of the most classic themes for a wedding shower party, tea party themed bridal shower will never fade away.

4. Bridal Shower Party in a Winery
Girls get together and celebrate the bride-to-be with gifts and drinks. Sounds bravo!

5. Parisian
Add a little Parisian-inspired goodness to the day and that everyday bridal shower goes up a notch or two in pretty.

6. SPA Day
There is nothing we quite enjoy more than a relaxing day at the spa with friends. Just go for it!

7. Chic Vintage
Have a retro style getting together, looking back on your happiness and looking forward to the great future.

8. Girly Lingerie Wedding Shower Party
Shower the bride-to-be with lingerie or pajamas and you will have a lot of fun!