Are you considering crafting your own DIY wedding invitations for your special day? Nowadays, more and more couples choose simple and modern wedding invites styles to invite their guest to attend their ceremony! We have included assemble list to help you customize and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases chic acrylic wedding invitations at Clearweddinginvites.

TIP 1: DIY wedding invitations in white floral pattern and a vellum sleeve wrapped each one with rustic string. there are also copper wax seals scattered around.

Packing list of White floral vellum wedding invitations

Wedding invitation cards

Vellum sleeves

Rustic string

Rose wax seal


DIY Tutorial

fine art rose and leaves minimal vellum wedding invitations CWIV42

TIP 2: Gold Foil Wedding Invitations

Clearweddinginvites even have an option to upload your own design to a blank wedding invitation template. Here, you can add your own text, image and even a personalised QR code

Chic modern gold foil print acrylic wedding invitations baptism invites birthday invite CWIP15 - Clear Wedding Invites

TIP 3: Cotton paper with Gold Flake Wedding Invitations

The beauty about using gold flake on DIY wedding invitations is that they don't have to match! Gold flake looks its best when it's sparse and scattered everywhere, so there's no pressure to get everyone looking the same.

TIP 4: Minimal Clear Acrylic Wedding Invitations

The special design of this invitation style is the monogram on the top. The initials inside it also have such beautiful script fonts. Our navy shimmer outer envelope is so suitable for it. You can match it with yellow ribbons if you like it.

Minimalist Modern Calligraphy Wedding Invitation CWIA164

TIP 5: Watercolor Painting on Cotton Paper

Nearlyweds who have an eye for pretty details should consider printing, drawing, writing or painting their DIY wedding invitations on textured paper. Whether you use watercolours to paint greenery like the design above, or simply hand write your invites, doing so on beautifully textured paper makes all the difference and leaves you with a seriously elevated handmade feel.

TIP 6: PINNED Wedding Invitations

If your DIY wedding invitations consist of several sheets of paper, why not pin them together in the corner with a gold, silver or rose gold fasten? This way, the information is less likely to get lost, and guests can fan them out to see all of the pages.

Not only is this practical, but it's easy to do at home and adds a professional finish to handmade wedding invitations.

TIP 7: Use Dried Flowers or Botanical Leaves

Another idea for plantable wedding invitations is to include an actual dried flower (or one that isn't dried!) - this could be a lovely way to tease your colour scheme or include actual flowers and leaves you're planning to use on the wedding day.

TIP 8: Personalized Wax Seals

Another idea for DIY wax seals is to personalise them with your initials. This can be done with real wax and a rubber stamp, or you can order ones to stick on yourself. They look more luxurious with gold highlight. Sealing with baby’s breath flowers will add such rustic feel to your designs.

TIP 9: DIY Envelopes

Another way to really elevate DIY wedding invitations is to have them wrapped in unique envelopes. These shimmering envelopes are a great way to make homemade wedding invitations look professional and expensive, and these envelope liners come pre-inserted, saving you the job of doing it yourself.

TIP 10: Embellishments

Clearweddinginvites offer a selection of beautiful embellishments which you can personalise on your wedding invitations, tied, wrapped and then deliver to your door. You won’t have to worry about craft them at home or paying someone else to do so.