20+ Elegant Ecru and Gold Wedding Color Ideas for You | Clear Wedding Invites

Elegant Wedding Color such as Ecru and gold are ideal for weddings because they undoubtedly make your wedding day stand out.These colors will make your wedding look very elegant and amazing.If you want an elegant wedding look with a little bit of glam,gold is the obvious choice.But what do you pair with it to tone it down a bit? Yes, it has to be ecru.This color combo will easily create the sophisticated look you love with just enough sparkle to wow your guests.

Not sure what is ecru exactly?Actually, ecru, ivory and cream are pretty much the same thing.Many stationery printers use the term ecru to describe cream-colored paper. Ecru wedding invitations are more stunning than you can imagine. Take a peek at all of the luxury wedding invitations and enjoy the sheer beauty of this collection.

As for gold, it's best to use it sparingly throughout the ceremony and reception so as not to compromise the classic elegance you seek.showcase gold in small and surprising ways, such as tiered wedding cakes and the groom's boutonniere.Guests will love picking out the different details you add to your wedding, and you'll love coming up with all the ideas! More great ideas below to get you started.


Ecru and Gold Color Palette

Ecru and gold are ideal for weddings because they undoubtedly make your wedding day stand out


Ecru Bridesmaid Dresses

Ecru and Gold wedding bridesmaid dresses


Ecru and Gold Table Setting

Organic Tan-and-White Place Settings at Private Estate Wedding Reception

Ecru and Gold Wedding Invites

modern ivory shimmer and gold Wedding Invitations


Ecru and Gold Flower Girls

Ivory gold flower girl dress, Rustic sequin Flower girl dress, Country flower girl dresses

Ecru and Gold Bouquet

Lily of the valley bridal bouquet, Simple wedding bouquets, Ivory bouquet wedding

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