The right palette can do a lot for your wedding.It can give your wedding style more energy, set the tone and build a strong theme.The key is to choose wedding colors that feel fresh and raw.It’s time to think about this crisp and sweet combination: navy and blush.Blush pink and navy are actually opposite on the color wheel.But that’s what also makes them complementary colors.

Blush pink is a traditional female color for weddings.And navy is such a classic colour working great for men. When used together, the effect is timeless, modern and a bit preppy. Blush and navy are a great choice for weddings also because they create a good balance between men and women.

These colors can be used for weddings anywhere and will be the perfect choice for a semi-formal summer wedding. I love the bride in blush, such a perfect bridal dress or bridesmaid dress.And the groom will look great in navy, like navy wedding gown, or a navy tie, even a modern boutonniere with navy.Here’s how to host a fantastic navy and blush wedding.Won’t you join us to have a look?
Tips:Sending navy wedding invitations or blush wedding invitations will make your wedding more unique. The color combo suits itself to typography wedding invitations like the foil-stamped invitations as well as classic and romantic designs.

Appealing Modern Wedding Color Combo-Navy and Blush