Ultra violet had been officially chosen as pantone's color of the year .According to pantone, this blue-based purple conveys originality, and vision that will lead us into the future.When we live in a time that requires creativity and imagination, this hue implies the mysteries of the universe, raising sour consciousness and potential to a higher level.

At first glance, we may not realize that this color can be used for weddings.It's not as pale as a mauve wedding or as dark as a burgundy wedding.However, we believe the following ideas will convince you.Read on to see how this captivating color can make your wedding element captivating, and who knows, maybe this royal hue will be the dominant hue for your upcoming wedding.

The following are 5 gorgeous ultra violet wedding colors to give you some inspiration, check it out now!

1.Shades of Violet and Ivory Wedding

This hue is so pretty that you don’t have to pick just one!  Lighter, darker, brighter, muted…they all work together perfectly! 

Shades of Violet and Ivory Wedding Colors and Decoration Ideas

2.Starry Night Violet Wedding

Deep and mysterious is the key to the right kind of violet for your wedding!  Another perk of Starry Violet is that it can work in any season!

Starry Night Violet Wedding Deep and mysterious wedding color ideas

3.Purple and Fuchsia Wedding

Purple and Pink have always gone together, but Purple and Fuchsia are MADE for each other! 

Purple and Fuchsia Wedding Purple and Pink have always gone together


3.Purple and Fuchsia Wedding

4.Purple, Lilac and Blush Pink Wedding

This little trio is a perfect palette!  The lilac and the blush help soften the purple and the purple helps provide a nice background for the lilac and blush to shine! 

Purple, Lilac and Blush Pink Wedding Color decoration ideas

  1. Violet and Bright Yellow

If you are looking for a bright and fresh palette, this is the one for you!  The bright yellow really pops when it’s paired with the violet and provides a great energy to your wedding. 

Violet and Bright Yellow bright and fresh wedding palette