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When you choose a great Mulberry Wedding for your big day, such as purple, you will soon find that it is easy to incorporate it into all the other little details. A rich purple color scheme will tie your wedding decors together and give them a mythic royal atmosphere.Purple has always been the royal color.Any better ways to create a royal atmosphere than with purple?It is a rich and powerful color that can add a lot to the appearance of your wedding ceremony and reception. Mulberry, as member of purple shades, does work great too.

Mulberry will be more stunning with metallic gold accents.Gold as a wedding color usually steals the show but not this time! Mulberry is the main attraction here with gold playing the supporting role. The two together set quite the scene for your wedding.This will create a very dramatic and royal-looking wedding, and metallic gold will also help prevent the purple from being overwhelming.Check out the inspiration board of this color combo below.

rich and powerful mulberry and gold wedding ceremony and reception

Deeply Romantic

Mulberry is a deep shade of red purple.It is a very romantic choice for your wedding with an incredibly rich quality.Keep in mind to use this color in order not to supersaturate the ceremony and reception venues. Introducing your wedding colors in the invitation is one of the key points.Make sure you choose something as beautiful as the color itself. For you,we have magnificent variety of foil wedding invitations.Take a look and find just the right fit for your wedding.

Deeply Romantic Rich-tone Mulberry Wedding INVITATIONS


Deeply Romantic Rich-tone Mulberry Wedding INVITATIONS

On the Contrary

You’re going to absolutely adore the striking contrast that mulberry and gold provide.They play so nicely with each other.Plenty of wedding cakes in the two colors are gorgeous examples. play so nicely with each other. About bouquets,choose another light color like cream or pale pink to work into your flowers. The bridal bouquets filled with light pinks and greens with a few placed touches of shimmering mulberry makes a dreamy combination.

Mulberry and gold watercolor floral wedding invitation

What a complement

Gold and mulberry are very complementary and the combination should be highlighted. Mulberry bridesmaids dresses and gold jewelry would look stunning.And simple details like the groom’s boutonniere with a few gold touches would be an impressive addition. The opportunities are endless when working with these two unforgettable colors.

Mulberry and brown watercolor floral wedding invitation

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