Awards season is coming up, and you know what that means?It's time to invite your friends to the golden globes.You know what to do: stare at the people on the red carpet, eat a healthy but filling snack, and don't forget the champagne.This time, get creative and make your wedding party the best in town.From tassel wreaths to decorated champagne glasses to homemade flavors, your guests are sure to be impressed.

Golden globe witnessed the dazzling moments and eye-catching styles and colors. Actually the big day is our own red carpet,right? Why not we get inspiration from the red carpet and keep our wedding more chic and trendy? Here we collect the 4 popular red carpet colors and show you how to incorporate them to your weddings.

Sparkly Metallic Gold


Shining Gold and Plum




Vibrant Sun-flower Yellow


 Pretty In Pink


Bold red and gold




Navy and Gold




Greenery and Gold


Gold and Neutral hues

Gold and Neutral hues Trendy and Chic Golden Color Palette for Your Wedding Inspiration