Would you like some winter wedding invitations ideas? Set the tone for your winter wedding by sending seasonal invitations right from the start.After all, an elaborate invitation set is the first time a guest knows about the theme of your wedding. So take advantage of the opportunity of sending the invitation infused with seasonality.

There are a few simple ways to let cold weather inform the theme of your wedding.One reliable option is to pick a winter palette that will instantly ensure your stationery speaks to the season.Inspiration from specific palettes for holidays such as Christmas (red and green) is one way to go.Another option is to look to nature when choosing your tone.Fluffy white snow and glittery icicles almost seem tailor made for weddings, don’t they? If you’re planning a winter wonderland for your special day, one of these Winter Wedding Invitations ideas might help.


No matter what your theme or style, remember that the font must be legible enough for everyone. The font size should not be too big or too small, should be just right for everyone to read it comfortably.

Paper Patterns

While choosing the paper pattern, consider whether you will be printing your message on it or writing it by hand, in both the cases check whether the paper you choose is easy to write on and print on.


Winters are all about snow and weddings are all about love. If you want to move away from the conventional square and rectangular wedding invitations, pick a unique shape for your winter wedding invitation. May be a snowflake shape or even Christmas bell would be an interesting option instead of the conventional shapes.