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It is a fun way to add a personal touch to your big day by crafting the drink or food bar at your wedding. Plenty of couples find unique ways to display their wedding food and drink.

 To give the rustic vibe to your food and beverage, think Mason jars, wicker baskets, log slices, crates, and of course charming signage. Foods that are individually portioned and ready to go for your guests in craft bags finished with twine or parchment paper sealed with a sticker with your monogram also help give off the rustic feel

Drinks are a great way to add in your wedding color and serve a purpose.Creating beverage stations with interesting containers, interesting glassware, and pretty finishes liked sugar rimmed glasses and fun straws make drinks taste so much better.You guests will love the unique your wedding drink be offered and have a deep impression even years after your event.

Seeking for some interesting ideas to serve food and drink in your wedding? You’re pretty lucky to check out this blog. Today we choose 31 of the greatest ideas to present to you and they are sure to impress!Continue reading and find your favorite.

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31 Wonderful Wedding Food and Drink Bar Ideas

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