You're engaged, you've chosen your wedding date, and now you're looking for ideas to save dates so your friends and family can mark their calendars!Keeping dates is like a pre-invitation, with some information, such as dates and wedding locations, so guests know they are invited and there are no other plans for that day.

Saving dates is also an interesting way to show your personality because they don't have to match, well, anything.Not the form of the wedding or your other paper products or the opinions of your family.The great thing about saving dates is that they're the latest modern invention.This means that if you've been looking for a creative wedding project, this might be the perfect thing to do.

The most common way to send save the date is the cards or magnets with the bride and groom’s photos.Or maybe you want to give your loved one something quirky and unconventional, like balloons or chocolates, without complaining.So today I’m showing you this fabulous photography that is perfect for save the date.