How to Make Affordable Wedding Invitations That Look Modern | Clear Wedding Invites

Today, we’re talking about how to make affordable wedding invitations that look modern.It is not that hard as it seems.First of all, choosing a heavy cover stock as the background and a heavy weight paper can make it look expensive.Try rich solid, shiny metal, cards printed with vintage designs, or handmade paper embedded with real petals.

Next, select the paper you want to print on.Make sure the paper you choose is compatible with the printer you are using.Add your text and any graphics you want, experiment with different fonts and sizes to design a unique custom look.You can use a variety of methods to fix the printed overlaid background card.See-through and ribbon have a romantic look that you can further personalize with a tiny metallic charm.For a modern look, use a delicate paper belt with skeleton leaves.At this point,your guests will be impressed by your unique invitation and no one will guess that you made it yourself!

How to Make Affordable Wedding Invitations That Look Modern

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