If you're planning on adding green to your wedding day but don't want to go overboard, that's great.Subtle shades of mint green can be the star of the day, even if it doesn't overshadow your entire pretty palette.Perfect for summer or spring weddings - this is the perfect balance between elegant feminine and crisp and cool.

Whilst mint green isn’t a style in its own right, the personality and characteristics of mint green, leads itself to a cool and relaxed wedding. Mint green is a very in color for everything including wedding planning, which is fresh, lovely, brisk and can be a bonus to wedding color palette.

To have a mint green theme wedding, we need to prepare some wedding stuff with mint green color scheme, such as mint green wedding bridesmaid dresses, mint green decorations, mint green wedding cakes and etc.More ideas? Keep reading.Btw,to set the tone and give the first impression to guests, seal and send out mint green wedding invitations!

Mint Green Wedding Inspirations and Matching Wedding Invites