The Perfect Save the Date for Any Style or Theme | Clear Wedding Invites

The save the dates are bound to be in the hands of your guests if your wedding is in 6-9 months from now on.Are you having a destination wedding?Or are you throwing your wedding party over a holiday weekend?It's polite to send your save the date 12 months in advance, and it gives your guests enough time to clear their schedules and book a trip.This means you might choose to save the date card a year before your wedding.A year!Exciting, but if you haven't decided on your wedding theme or style, there may be problems.

Remember, your save the date is the guest's first impression of your wedding.Sending out a rustic design and then suddenly falling in love with modern geometric style is a recipe for wedding disaster.Okay, okay, maybe it wasn't a disaster, but why take the risk?Here comes some great ideas to help you out!

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