Does your fiance think that once he has proposed, his duties are over until the big day?Or does he really want to be a part of the wedding planning process, but doesn't know what to do or how to help?

No matter how much he wants to roll up his sleeves and be part of your wedding, there are some things he has to do.Because once he realizes that today is his day and you want him to participate and celebrate happily, a lot of things open up for both of you.Either way,talk to your groom in advance and see what he needs.It can be a special food, a location , or even a color scheme.Now let’s see what’s your future spouse can do in wedding planning.

The groom has to be involved in:
• Setting the date
• Determining the budget
• Deciding on the guest list
• Choosing his members of the wedding party
• Choosing the formal wear
• Planning the groom’s dinner
• Buying the bride a wedding gift
• Writing his toasts to the bride and to the guests