Your wedding will be one of the most romantic days in your life.Your joy and love for your future partner, coupled with the warmth and support from friends and family, is what you will always cherish.Of course, many couples want their wedding vows to reflect this extraordinary spirit of romance.It's surely romantic to write your vows -- they come from the heart, and even the most hardened guest is moved to tears.

No matter whether you're reciting traditional wedding vows or writing your own, you are bound to want those words to be true to you and your relationship.To help you find the right direction, we've compiled some of the most romantic wedding vows we can find.So sit down, grab some paper towels, and let the inspiration seep in.


Don’t procrastinate
You don’t want your vows to feel rushed or not to your exact specifications. Sit down way ahead of time to come up with a few drafts of your vows – it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time around.

Inject your personality
Before you put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, think about what tone you want these vows to evoke. You want them to be funny, quirky, romantic, short and sweet, a mixture of everything?It’s something you need to think before write.

Think of it as a love letter
If you go into this thinking that it has to be the most perfect thing you’ve ever written, it may be hard to write vows that have met the standards you have in your head. Take a few deep breaths and think of it more like a love letter that you’re sending off. With that in mind, keep it classy – your grandparents are listening.

Keep your audience in mind
While you want your vows to be personal and meaningful, you have to avoid too many inside jokes or including any information that might be too much for your guests to hear. Share vows that everyone in attendance is going to want to shout “aww” out loud to.


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How to Write Romantic Wedding Wows


How to Write Romantic Wedding Wows