Determine your needs by breaking down your wedding dates before you buy beautiful invitation cards.Moreover,your wedding style helps to establish a thread of consistency - with color, theme or pattern - and applies to each piece.For efficiency and cost-effectiveness, strive to order all your stationery from the same place and, ideally, at the same time.Today,we’ll figure out everything about your invitation ensemble.
Enclosure Cards
As their name implies, enclosure cards are enclosed with the invitation. Each invitation offers matching enclosure cards in the same paper, colors and style to create a completely coordinated look.
There are two cards you’ll want to include in your invitations:
Response cards
These cards are printed with the date to respond by, a line for guests to fill in their names and the number of people attending. Response cards include envelopes printed with your return address. Include both the card and envelope in the invitation.
Reception cards
Reception cards are printed with wording inviting guests to continue to celebrate with you at the reception, dinner and dance after the wedding. Reception cards are also perfect for inviting guests to other wedding-related events, like your wedding morning brunch, your gift opening the day after the wedding, etc. Envelopes aren’t necessary for reception cards.