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Preparations for the fall weddings are in full swing, and I’d like to inspire those of you who are getting ready for rustic weddings. Rustic fall weddings are adorably cozy, I totally love this style for autumn and winter nuptials!


When planing a rustic fall wedding it is so easy to get overwhelmed and not know exactly what direction to go in. Here are a few fall wedding ideas for a rustic wedding to help you focus your thoughts and start planning a fall wedding that will reflect your style.


5 Rustic Wedding Ideas for Autumn and Winter Nuptials



  1. Barn venues


The definition of rustic is literally described as “relating to the countryside, rural” and if these barn venues don’t remind you of a rural countryside oasis, I don’t know what else will!


When it comes to an evening of a lifetime, it’s important that your guests feel comfortable enough to let loose and celebrate your big day in a relaxed and more intimate environment!


  1. Muted tones


Sage is one of the trendy accent colors for fall and winter weddings. It’s versatile to pair with any color, whether bright hues or more muted pastel and white shades. If you’re having a wedding in fall, then the white and sage are a perfect combination. Things are best when the bride wear an elegant white dress and their bridesmaids dressing in sage green. Greenery is very budget-friendly and easy to find, decorate some organic green plants through all your ceremony to reception and other ornaments.   



One of the best ways to emphasize an autumn country theme is to use wooded details to decorate your celebration. The texture and temperament of wood give a feeling of retro and close to nature,  See these earthy signs below:


  1. Boho style


Boho chic meeting rustic elegance in a truly magical wedding day is visually stunning!  If your couples are free-spirited, then you will love these effortlessly beautiful ideas, which incorporate elements of nature along with a certain romanticism and individuality.


  1. Style your bridesmaids

A country wedding theme in the fall may prefer a relaxed, minimalist dress code, so suggest your bridesmaids wear in light hues, like blush pin, sage green, mauve, champagne, or gray.


Rust and cinnamon rose are also the autumnal favorites. If you choose these tones, balance them out to a more natural look with a bouquet of natural flowers and greenery. In this way, your bridesmaids will tally with the wedding theme and you could take beautiful photos both indoor and outdoor.

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