The right colour palette can do a lot for your wedding. It can give it style and energy, and also set a tone and establish a strong theme.One of the hottest new styles is the modern blush pink and navy blue wedding. Blush pink and blue are opposite each other on the colour wheel, which makes them complementary colors.

Today we are gonna take a look at a Safety Harbor wedding.It embodied a French country aesthetic with a pale blue, navy, gold and blush color palette.The wedding well represented the spring season.The bride and groom wove some sparkle and greenery into their decor to express a touch of classic romance. 

Blue and Pink Harbor Wedding Bridesmaid

Blue and Pink Harbor Wedding Bridesmaid Dress and Bouquet Ideas for Spring Couples

Groom Attire

Blue and Pink Harbor Wedding Groom Attire Ideas

Navy Blue and Blush Pink Harbor Wedding Color Ideas

Matching wedding invitations

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