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Looking for inspiration for your big day?Choose a Bohemian wedding theme!Bohemian weddings are very popular these days.They are relaxed, full of fun, and show off your free spirit.Bohemian banquets are excellent. I think spring and summer are the best seasons for Bohemian banquets.In addition, you can also match the Bohemian style with many other styles and themes, such as: tropical, beach, forest, country and so on.

Boho theme is great choice to make your wedding stand out. If your wedding is not in spring and summer,then go for a trending dark & moody wedding. Dark & moody palette is a super chic option for fall and winter brides ,which it’s mysterious, romantic and so unique.It can be easily achieved with a boho theme.Let me give you some great ideas to try.Check out and get inspired!


Moody Bohemian Wedding Dress Ideas


A moody masala and burgundy boho wedding

Moody Autumn Wedding Styling Featuring Color Combo of Plum and Wine Red


Inspirational coral and rust tone in a boho rustic wedding

Inspirational coral and rust tone in a boho rustic wedding

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