The color of your nails painted for your wedding may seem like just one small detail among other things you have to decide, such as wedding invitations, flowers, location and the wedding songs.But this minute detail can be the perfect finishing touch to your beautiful wedding dress.Many brides choose to a nude nail polish because it works well with so many color palettes.It is also very fresh, modern and complex.However, different skin tones require different shades of nude.Let’s take a look.


Determining your skin tone
Here are a few ways to tell which category your skin best matches.If you’re not sure what shade your skin falls under,then take a look.

Tanning: If your skin tans easily when you’re out in the sun, it’s likely that you have a warm, olive tone. On the other hand, if your skin does burn quite easily, your skin likely has less melanin, and therefore may fall under a fair or light skin tone.

Neutral: If you don’t fall under the light or dark category, your skin may be neutral. It is easy to pick out foundations and powders if your skin is neutral.

Look at your veins: Another way to determine skin tone is to look at the color of your veins. If they’re blue or purple, you have cool or fair colored skin. If your veins are green, it’s likely that you fall under the warm-toned or olive skin color.

Determining your skin tone for nude nail polish

Fair skin
Look for a nude nail polish that has undertones of purple or pink, much like your skin. This is the shade that best complements your color. Stay away from anything that is going to make your hands look washed out, like dark beiges.

Nude Nail Polish for dark skin tone

Medium skin
Those with medium skin should look for nail polishes with a peachy hue. It’s a little bit darker than the pinkish polishes. Nail polishes with shades of gray or a metallic undertone also blend well with medium skin.

Nude Nail Polish for Medium skin tone

Dark skin
Coffee-colored nudes look great with dark skin. Polishes should have undertones of orange or yellow.

Nude Nail Polish for dark skin tone

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