Wedding parties have strayed from tradition in recent years with the clever pairing of bridesmaid dresses and the more creative wardrobe choices of groomsmen.Gender roles are becoming more ambiguous, and brides and grooms are more likely to have a different gender of groom on the other side of the wedding altar.Why not?The bride has brothers and close male friends, and the groom has sisters and close female friends.Having your close friends or family stand with your partner on the basis of their gender, feels a bit old-fashioned.

We can't help but mention that mixed-gender wedding parties are becoming common. Are you the bride and is your best friend a guy? Or the groom wants his sister to stand on his side? Feel free to break the mold with a mixed gender wedding party. Here’s how to pull it off.

Choosing the right attire
Select a single hue that is represented in each person’s outfit.How you dress your wedding party is completely up to you. Don’t be afraid to play around with different outfits and combinations until you find one that sticks.

Walking down the aisle
If you don't have an equal number of men and women at your wedding, you may have to consider other options for your wedding process.You can have the wedding party members walk down the aisle alone, or you can have two people of the same sex walk down the aisle together.

Giving gifts
If your wedding party consists entirely of girls, you may want to get them necklaces with their initials engraved or a set of colored nail polishes. If you have men in your bridal party though, they may not be as thrilled with the gift you’ve chosen. But if you have a mixed gender wedding party, you don’t have to give everyone the same gift.


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