With dozens of decisions (like colors, flowers, cakes and dresses) need to make, we know planning a wedding is quite stressful!

In this article, we’re going to cover everything there is to know about wedding RSVP cards. We’re going to explain how to create them, and what to do about those invitees who forget to RSVP… Just check out these must read wedding tips below!


On your RSVP cards, put a line for a requested song. This way you will
know what your guests want to hear and they will get excited when their
song comes on!



Number the cards.
It happens more often than you think: A guest returns a card without writing their name in the blank space or their handwriting is illegible. You can avoid having to become an amateur sleuth by using this clever trick: Before mailing out the invitations, assign each guest a number then discreetly write that number on the back of that their response card. Some brides like to write the number in invisible ink!


Give your invitees a grace period

Before you let this phenomenon turn you into the bridezilla, know that there is a polite way to deal with the invitee who forgets to let you know if they’re coming or not…

Give your invitees a grace period after the RSVP reply date. It should usually be about 7 days after the requested reply dates.

If anyone on your guest list fails to contact you after the grace period, you can give them a call or send them an email.

Be gracious. Tell them that you need to let your venue or caterers know, or that you’re trying to prepare your guest list. Don’t come across as annoyed or frustrated.