Wedding invitations will give the first glimpse to your guest of your wedding so the wording and design are important features. Here are Cheap Wedding Invitation wording tips and wedding invites examples to help you get started.

Wedding Invite Protocol

1. The first item to put on the wedding invites is the real invitation asking the recipient to be your guest at the upcoming wedding or wedding reception.

2. To provide identification and be respectful use the names of the individuals who are paying for the wedding. The top of the invitation should state that these individuals are inviting you to the wedding of the couple.

3. Obviously state the details of the wedding and/or reception so the invitation serves its purpose. These details include the date, the exact time, and the place where the wedding ceremony will take place. If the guest is invited to the wedding reception also be clear about when, where, and if children are invited.

4. If the wedding is individual, or was held out of town, the newlyweds may send out Unique Wedding Invites just for a reception. On the wedding reception invite, the couple would state when and where the wedding was held, and that they would like the pleasure of your company at the wedding reception. Again, provide specific details and address the envelope of the invitation with all the names to be included in the reception invitation.

5. A casual wedding, for example, when the wedding is held in a home, replace formal wording to a casual tone.


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