Romantic quotes on love and marriage are great for your wedding day – they can fit in anywhere, from the wedding speeches and readings, to the signage, decor, invitations, place names or table number.
Even if you don’t want to use the romantic quotes directly in your wedding speech, they can at least inspire you and your husband-to-be to have a think about how much you love each other and what marriage means to the pair of you.Here’re some great ways to use wedding quotes.
1. Wooden Wedding Signs
Wedding signs are sooo IN especially for outdoor events. Try a fancy script fonts!
2. Backdrops
If you’re an avid reader but over the used-books-as-wedding-decor trend, then this one is for you.
3. Table Décor
Having different quotes at each table is a fun way to differentiate them and add a theme.
4. On the Invitations
Adding a quote on the invitation together with the big new will be nice and touchable. Use a different font to stands out it.
5. On the Cake
They’re called ‘sweet nothings’ for a reason. So what better way to share your most romantic words, than on a cake?
6. Down the Aisle
Just walking down the quotes and freezing the moment.