The words you choose should complement the design of your wedding invitation.Poetry is a great way to reflect the love you have for the person you're about to marry.A short romantic poem or quote might be an easier way to complement your wedding style.Most importantly, these words must truly represent the love you share with your partner.

To print these carefully chosen words on your wedding invitation, you can use a variety of fonts.Calligraphy, Old English and Roman offer an unique way for you to personalize your card matching your taste or your wedding theme.

Printing invitations on paper is another way to make custom wedding invitations.While many brides and grooms focus on card stock and color, the texture and shape of the paper can more fully serve to symbolize your wedding theme.Combining the right colors, decorations, text, and fonts are all ways to customize your invitation.Using these elements properly allows you to create a compelling invitation while subtly setting the tone for your entire wedding.