When we think of winter, we think of the sullen winter.But we can bring some life to the season by having a winter wedding.Winter weddings give people a chance to break the monotony and give them a reason to go out and celebrate.

Many people make travel plans during the winter, so your wedding invitation wording will be the best message to let your guests know about your winter wedding that will have a trip.So here are some tips for writing a winter wedding invitation:

Decide who will marry

If the parents of the bride and groom are going to officiate at the wedding, "Mr.And Mrs. Steven white and janet coster.If the couple were to officiate, they would say "Andrea white and John coster."

Create a transitional invitation phrase

A traditional expression used by couples is: "ask you to come because they are married."For those who want a more modern and specific winter theme, consider a clause such as "welcome the season of joy by exchanging wedding vows and requesting your presence" or "request your presence at their winter wedding."

Add a poem, a Christmas carol or thank-you note to the invitation

If you want to specify a winter theme, or use a favorite motto or poem, place it at the top of the invitation and mark it with quotations.For example, "one kind of love can warm three winters."Winter is overhead, but love brings spring to the heart."Or" blessed are the seasons that plunge the whole world into a conspiracy of love.

Write down the date, time and place

For example, "first Baptist church of mesa, 1055 north brown road, mesa, Arizona, 6 p.m. Friday, December 15, 2010."